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ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch Review

Nowadays, everyone is wearing a smart watch or fitness tracker bands. Many smartphone manufacturers launched their own version of smart watches and they are receiving good response. ZGPAX S79 one such popular smart watch. The ZGPAX S79 smartwatch is wonderful smart watch which can do numerous jobs at the swipe of your fingers. This smart watch is exclusively available for sale on popular e-commerce website, GearBest.


ZGPAX S79 smart watch Features

ZGPAX S79 smartwatch comes with numerous useful features which you’ll definitely need. It has some wonderful features such as fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, etc. Its not only a smart watch but a fitness tracker also. You can call it a intelligent device which let you make phone calls and receive it because of the SIM Card support.

ZGPAX S79 comes with a 1.54 inch HD display, which is waterproof. The hardware of this smart watch is placed in the stainless steel body with rounded design, which gives it a glossy look and it becomes more comfortable to wear. You can tie this watch with a super smooth rubber bandd attached to the body of this watch.


This smart watch is really smart. It comes with a 0.3 MP camera, with which you can take pictures and record videos very easily. When you synchronize this smart watch with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, it can divert calls to a smartphone via Bluetooth connection. So, it becomes more convenient to receive calls from a smartphone.

There are many additional features added in this smart watch such as Mp3 player, calendar, browser, sound recorder, etc. You can change the language of your smart watch as it comes with 10 different languages.


ZGPAX S79 smart watch on GearBest

The ZGPAX S79 smart watch can be purchased from Chinese e-commerce website, GearBest with huge discount. You can grab this smart watch for $26.73 only which comes with 27% discount. So, go to the GearBest website and purchase this smart watch to tie it up on your wrist.

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