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ACER Iconia Smart S300 – Making Your Hand Looks Smaller: Specs, Features, Price

ACER SmartS300ACER PhilippinesACER Iconia Smart S300, you will ask yourself if this is a mini tab or a smartphone once you hold it into your own palm.  Before the end of this year’s second quarter, ACER launched and showcased all their new and incoming products – smartphones, notebooks, tablets, projectors, etc. And not too long ago I posted two of my favorite ACER Iconia gadgets – their buttonless notebookand their new tablet collections.

Let us now look and check out their smartphone – meet ACER Iconia Smart S300.  This phone is powered by Android OS version 2.3 also known as Gingerbread.  And as everybody says “Iconia Smart S300 gives users the best in panoramic perspective”.  Why?  Imagine yourself holding a phone powered by LED TV technology, sounds familiar isn’t it? And imagine yourself holding a mobile phone that is fully loaded with tablet features and capabilities.  This smartphone is fully loaded.

Most smartphones’ trend are now going away with the conventional QWERTY keys and they’re moving to button-less touch-screen – which I think is the idea of all Iconia gadgets so far.  Acer Iconia Smart S300’s display is a 4.8 inch touch-screen with a total dimensions of 141.7 x 64.5 x 13.6 mm and weighs 185 grams – gigantic for a phone.

I haven’t seen any retailers that offers this smartphone as of writing this article but rumor says that it will come out with at most PhP 25,000.

Here’s the General Specification of Acer Iconia Smart S300 for you to review (click it to zoom):

ACER Iconia Smart S300 Specifications

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