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Apple iOS 5.0.2 Will Be Coming Out For iPhone 4S Battery Issue Next Week

After so much ranting and complaints from almost all Apple iPhone 4S with iOS 5 end-users (right after its official release last month), Apple engineers began to contact all of these end-users in the hope to identify the root-cause and possible solution to lighten up this big issue. And then Apple officially said that they will be releasing a fix for this which happens to be the iOS 5.0.1 that was seeded and released early this month. After the announcement, these iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users immediately downloaded and installed the latest build via OTA, hoping to solve the battery issue.  Unfortunately it did not and for most cases, it actually made the situation far more than worst as they went back to Apple’s discussion board to express their disappointment – again.

iOS 5

These new added features are really recommendable but for now like any other iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users, fixing the battery issue should be Apple’s first priority before adding more enhancements to their latest iPhone – am I right?

I will keep you updated as to when will be the official release of iOS 5.0.1 via OTA.


  1. I agree, fixing the battery issue is the no. 1 priority for Apple. Fingers crossed that this will do it.


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