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Samsung Galaxy S II Benchmark Results From Different Android Benchmark Apps – [Review]

It’s been almost three weeks now since I got my Samsung Galaxy S II and after some tweaks I made, the results from the top Android benchmarking tools shows that it’s still the fastest among the Android smartphones – surprisingly, Samsung Galaxy S II’s results shows far from Google’s latest Samsung Galaxy Nexus which scored between 1800 and 2140 from the Quadrant benchmark tool (as reviewed by Android Community) while my Samsung Galaxy S II scored consistently between  2647 and 3427.  I actually used three (3) Android benchmark tools to review my smartphone and I suggest that you use these as well to check how fast is your Android smartphones.  The tools I used were FREE Android Benchmark tools but it doesn’t matter because it will still show you the results.  The benchmark tools I used to test Samsung Galaxy S II were:

Quadrant Standard Edition Result For Samsung Galaxy S II


1. Quadrant Standard Edition (FREE) – link
2. CF-Bench (FREE) – link
3. Linpack for Android (FREE) – link

Now about that test, so how did Samsung Galaxy S II fared? Honestly, when I used Quadrant alone I couldn’t believed it so I had to use other benchmark tools to confirm the results and it looks like Samsung Galaxy S II is still the fastest among the Android smartphones out in the market today. I am not sure though if this will be the same result after I upgrade to ICS sometime next year.

So here are the results from the test I made.

Quadrant Standard Edition Benchmark Test – this tool measures and tests your CPU, I/O and graphic displays (2D and 3D). Unfortunately according to the developer of this app Samsung Nexus is not yet supported so maybe that’s the reason why on the result I don’t see the latest Nexus. I am currently using the Standard edition so IT IS A MUST that you’re connected into the Internet when you do the test since this is powered by ads – well that’s the condition since it’s free. The score I usually get from Quadrant is between 2647 and 3427. This is actually not bad. And from the 2D and 3D tests I can’d see any dead pixels.  Here are some of the screenshot from the Quadrant tests.  I used the “Run full benchmark” test to test everything.



Quadrant Result with opened apps in the backgroundQuadrant 2nd Result

The next test I made is through CF-Bench, unlike Quadrant this benchmark test application can handle multi-core CPU like Samsung Galaxy S II which a dual-core smartphone. Here are the results, again I executed the Full Benchmark test.



And the final result? Samsung Galaxy S II scores 11436, 3121, 6447 – still the highest amongst Android smartphones.

CF-Benchmark Result

The last test I made was with Linpack, but it only test your smartphone’s speed (ROM and CPU). The whole test is not pretty complicated as compared with Quadrant and CF-Benchmark. I scored only 32652 on the final result. Honestly, I don’t know what does it mean. 🙂  Actually, after the test I removed it immediately from my phone – it’s very suspicious for me.  So, I suggest don’t install it anymore since it really doesn’t give you much information.

LinPack Result

So that’s all, I’ve showed you my own tests I made with Samsung Galaxy S II and from the looks of it I am very much satisfied.

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  1. Quadrant scores seem to be meaningless that don’t give any indication of how the phone performs in real world use.


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