Facebook “Trusted Friends” Feature To Unlock Forgotten Password

First before we go deeper into this new “soon” Facebook feature “Trusted Friends”, how old are you now and since the time you had your first best friend, did something like “trust”-issue occurred along that friendship? Well, if yes then the next obvious question is would you entrust and share your personal Facebook password with your friend… oooppsss… with three of your BFF or “trusted” friends?

Facebook Security Wall

In the coming days, Facebook will test  Trusted Friends and App Passwords to help you reminded of your password and to give you a more secured (still a question mark to me) Facebook account. According to Facebook Security group, you can now have an option in case you forgot your Facebook login access. So if you’re someone who relied so much on your browsers’ “remember password” and eventually re-formats the computer then you’re screwed big time. With the new Facebook Security Trusted Friends feature, you can now handover your account credentials with three of your closest friends. In the event you need them, you can always ask your friends to give it back to you. Facebook Security relates this method in situations where you ask your trusted neighbor to hold unto your house keys while you’re out.

Although, this feature was not well-received by most Facebook users because they don’t see this as “more” secured Facebook feature. I can feel their thoughts, I mean would you really entrust your password even with your closest friends and even with your wife/husband? Even though you know that it is possible that one day you’ll end up hating each other and use that Facebook credentials to ruin your closeness more? I am not in the position to tell you not to trust your friend to such credentials but rather to choose and decide wisely.

Would you give your Facebook account credentials to your friends, relatives, or even with your loved ones?

Read more about this feature from Facebook Security.

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4 Responses to “Facebook “Trusted Friends” Feature To Unlock Forgotten Password”

  1. Donia Kamel

    May 16. 2012

    Hisham Elkoussy is a trusted friend of mine and I’m trying to help him to unlock his account.

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  2. Mostafa Mohamed

    May 16. 2012

    I would like to help my friend Hisham Elkoussy to unlock his facebook account

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  3. Shantti Bayat

    May 16. 2012

    Hisham Elkoussy is my friend; Please unlock his account

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  4. Arsie

    May 17. 2012

    Apparently, this feature has not yet been implemented since it was announced. but you can try checking this https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=124809627598936&ref=bc for assistance.

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