Fix For T-Mobile HTC One S WiFi Calling Feature Battery Problem

HTC One S is considered a mid-range smartphone from the three HTC One series which was recently released. Apparently, HTC One S is slowly showing its flaws to the tech-consumers who bought this smartphone. The recent and latest issue found is the HTC’s battery problem when you are engaged in WiFi calls.  Some of our friends in the U.K. and the U.S. were already enjoying using this smart phone. Although this smartphone is quite powerful, it is still far from being perfect. Two weeks ago, we received reports and shared to you the chipping problem discovered on HTC One S redesigned body. And now, Magenta HTC One S users were complaining that their battery life is dropping so fast with T-Mobile’s free WiFi call features.


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6 Responses to “Fix For T-Mobile HTC One S WiFi Calling Feature Battery Problem”

  1. Asif Khan

    May 11. 2012

    Keeping the charger on is not a solution. My friend from US is facing the same problem, T-Mobile really need to release a fix for this issue asap. Or they should halt the free wi-fi calling for sometime. It not only drains the battery but it can also affect the phone’s hardware.

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  2. petiksmode

    May 11. 2012

    please do a comparison on HTC one vs Optimus One 🙂

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  3. amar

    Jul 06. 2012

    I Finally found the solution here. I bet HTC would beat all brands and stands first.. no doubt in this

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  4. James

    Aug 10. 2012

    wow.very helpful! thank you for sharing 🙂 it really helped me.

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  5. Freakeinstein

    Aug 10. 2012

    after a long time, i finally find the solution. I have been searching online on how to fix this problem. you really have helped me a lot. thank you!

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  6. Palani.RM

    Sep 11. 2012

    Its a quite nice temporary solution.Hope they release it soon!!! It is of course very useful.Thanks!!!

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