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Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Finally Landed Korea

Yesterday, Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update finally landed to our friends over Korea. Slow as it may seem but it is indeed a good sign that the roll-out of the latest Android operating system for Samsung Galaxy S II is being carried out.  The first official announcement we received about the Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S II happened in Poland. However due to some bugs or problems with the update, Jelly Bean was backed out. Then we also posted previously an article that the Jelly Bean update will be coming out soon to the five major carriers in the US. The most recent is the one that arrived Korea yesterday where most of Samsung Galaxy S III users can now update their devices either through Samsung Kies (official desktop application for Samsung) or OTA (over-the-air).

Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Finally Landed Korea

Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update In Korea

  • SHW-M440S
  • SHV-E210S
  • SHV-E210K
  • SHV-210L

Samsung Galaxy S III is the latest flagship from Samsung and it still the popular handset even Apple’s iPhone 5 is already out in the market. And even with Apple winning against Samsung patent lawsuit and blocked Samsung from shipping the Galaxy S III on some regions – the latter was still strong and leading in the market.   And from my own perspective, Samsung will still become stronger in sales with their flagship smartphone since Apple iPhone 5 is still struggling to satisfy its followers due to some major issues with their latest flagship smartphone. One of which is the infamous iOS 6 map where even the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, expressed how apologetic he was for the outcome of this feature.

Now if you are around Korea and owns a Samsung Galaxy S III, better plug your handset now onto your computer or check it straight from your smartphone to see if you can now download the latest Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update.:)

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