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What Can You Learn From Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Recall

Online resources for motorsports fans and amateur riders can be a wealth of information, but they can also produce some funny results when the migration of information leads to inaccuracies. If you’ve been reading about the Dunlop motorcycle tire recall recently, chances are you already saw some examples of this. While it’s true the major brand did have to recall some tires in 2017, the total number was very limited, and it was confined to a single tire line.

Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Recall

NHTSA Filings

According to the paperwork filed with the Department of Transportation, the company became aware of a manufacturing defect in some of its recent Sportmax Q3+ tires, size 120/70ZR17. The filing is from early 2017, and there have been no further reports of issues with that size or other sizes in that line. There was a recall effort, and the manufacturer follower procedure for reporting the issue, which was air bubbles in the rubber in some tires.

Other Recalls

There have been other recalls since 2017, and other incidents that have led to calls for a recall that never emerged. Because of that, it’s easy to see how people sometimes miscommunicate about which brands and issues match and what to do about them. If you have any questions at any time about your OEM bike parts, the manufacturer should have online resources about recalls. If you’re using discount motorcycle tires or performance parts from an aftermarket manufacturer, paying attention to their resources will also help.

What To Do if There Is a Recall

Depending on the kind of recall and the manufacturer, you might be entitled to free labor on the replacement parts, or you might just be entitled to replacements. Recalls involve an effort on the part of a manufacturer to do right, so replacing the faulty part is one step in the process. If you’ve purchased the part from a retailer to install it yourself, that retailer often has resource pages to list recalls for the brands they carry. Not always, but sometimes. While you might not be able to return the part to the retailer, you will usually find instructions to take you to the next step.

Finding Tires You Can Trust

If you’re worried about finding a retailer or dealership to provide you with quality tires backed by a willingness to help you connect to resources when a recall is announced, there are a few key places to make sure you look:

  • Motorcycle tires for sale through major online retailers with clear, friendly policies about recalls and exchanges
  • Sources that work directly with manufacturers to educate customers while they shop
  • Resources with a wide variety of brands, so it’s easy to steer around known recalls
  • Retailers dedicated to pulling recalled parts promptly and protecting customers

If you have any questions about whether your source for motorcycle parts has recall and return policies designed to support the customer’s experience, you should check out what they have to say for themselves. It’s not hard to make sure you always work with the motorcycle parts providers who put your safety and your experience first. This is sport doesn’t work without its riders, after all.

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