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How To Disable or Remove Samsung Push Service and Samsung Ad Utility

Are Samsung Push Service and Samsung Ad Utility suddenly appearing on your notification bar and you don’t know how to remove it? I also had this slight problem which I noticed weeks after I updated my Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) firmware to Android 4.0.4 I9100DXLPB-IMM76D.DXLPF.

I didn’t bother to check these notifications at first and I totally ignored it. But after a while it becomes a sore into my eyes knowing that I didn’t install any new applications to my Android smartphone. Most especially, whenever I am in a middle of a very important video meeting.

After a few minutes of turning upside down my Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, I finally found out the culprit. And these Samsung Push Service and Samsung Ad Utility notifications came from Samsung Apps. It is an application bundled now with Samsung Android smartphones. I am not quite sure if this app was already there before and it was just sleeping. So, how do we remove those notifications on your notification bar?

Removing Samsung Push Service and Samsung Ad Utility

How To Disable Samsung Push Service and Samsung Ad Utility Services

Samsung Push Service and Samsung Ad Utility services are part of this small application called Samsung App. By default these are turned on and whenever you update your smartphone, the setting will go back to its original parameters – turned on. So you have to always do the following to disable or remove Samsung Push Service and Samsung Ad Utility services from your Android smartphone.

The steps and screenshots below are from Samsung Galaxy S II but surely this will also work on any Samsung Galaxy S series or Samsung Android devices.

1. Go to your Home Screen.

2. Tap on Applications.

3. Look for Samsung Apps

Samsung Apps Icon

4. Wait for the Samsung Apps home screen to load – it might require you to connect to Wi-Fi before it loads.

Samsung App Home Screen

5.  Then once the home screen loads, tap your Menu icon (found on the left side of your Home button).

6. Then tap on Settings.

Samsung App Settings

7. Untick or opt-out Push Notification checkbox.

Samsung App Unticked Push Notification

8. Exit from Samsung Apps.

Viola! Basically that’s it. You will notice now on your Samsung device that neither Samsung Push Service and Samsung Ad Utility are no longer on your notification bar.

There’s another way to remove Samsung Push service and/or Samsung Ad Utility. And with this option you can totally uninstall these services from your smartphone.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Scroll down until you see Application Manager and then tap it.

3. Scroll down again until you get to Samsung Push Service and tap it.

4. From that Samsung Push Service App info, you can “Force stop” it and or “Uninstall updates”.

Samsung Push Service App Info

I must remind you that whenever you upgrade your device or Samsung Apps, you will have to do the steps above to remove or disable Samsung Push Service and Samsung Ad Utility.

Here’s a short video (raw) on how to disable or remove Samsung push service. (If the video below does not load, check it on YouTube)


  1. I definitely am getting hounded by Samsung Push…but I do not have a samsung apps icon anywhere on my phone? Where an it be hiding?

    1. If you can’t find it, you can check your Settings -> Applications, you will see there the Samsung Push app. You can Force Stop it and the uninstall.

  2. When I tap the icons to uninstall updates or force stop the Samsung push app I receive warming messages that I will lose data and that it may cause errors. Is this going to cause issues with my other software or my operating system? Or is this just a scare tactic to keep the user from dialing the app?

  3. Sorry, I had some misspellings. I meant to type that I received warning messages and wanted to know if they are to keep users from disabling the push app.

  4. great. ads have been a pain in consumer’s neck for years. everything’s getting so commercialized these days. people want to have rich user experience, instead, they’re being bored and interrupted every few minutes thanks to these.

  5. I have twice tried to delete and/or force stop Puch Service on my tablet and each time it starts ujp again on its own. It will not let my tablet go to sleep no matter what I do. Any ideas?

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    Sadly, I predict that advertisers will adapt and move to use HTML5 multimedia content in their ads, and in a year or two we will be back to the status quo.

    Ironically, it is the rise of aggressive multimedia and script-driven advertising on the Web that is forcing many of us to turn to ad blocking technology. I’ve recently begun setting this up by default for all of my family and friends.”


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