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How To Turn Your iPhone 4 Into A Portable Projector

Spotted! If Samsung Mobile have their portable projector smartphone called Samsung Galaxy Beam announced from the recent MWC 2012 at Barcelona Spain last month, there’s one portable projector for iPhone 4.  There’s one new pocket projector I found from Brookstone for iPhone 4 devices priced at $229.99. This is not a new Apple iPhone feature and not even a product from Apple but rather a third-party manufacturer that supplies add-on gadgets and accessories for devices like iPhone.  And one of their latest is this portable pocket projector for Apple’s iPhone 4.

Pocket Projector for iPhone 4

In the business world, you can always depend on gadgets like this to save more effort and time. You can always plug-and-play this portable pocket projector with your iPhone 4 and go ahead with your presentation during corporate meetings – will make you look cool! And if you are with your partner or even with your family, you can all enjoy viewing all of those videos or photos you have on your iPhone 4 – enjoy those precious moments. And if you want to play games,  I am quite sure that you’ll enjoy more when you can view your game in a much wider screen.

Specifications of Pocket Projector for iPhone 4

Here are some of important hardware and features of Pocket projector for iPhone 4.

  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4 ONLY
  • Native Resolution: 640 x 360 pixels
  • LED Lamp: 15 Lumen
  • LED Lamp Light: approximately 20,000 hours
  • Speaker: 2.0W
  • Power: 2100mAh (Rechargeable Battery)

Other features:

The Pocket Projector for iPhone was made compatible with iPhone 4 according to the manufacturer and has not been tested yet with other iPhone iterations. It has a 30-pin connector to enable you to plug it into your iPhone and it have a volume toggle switch. To get the best performance out of that speaker, you need to ensure that your iPhone 4’s volume is set to the highest setting and while you are using the projector you just adjust the switch. For better viewing with this portable pocket projector, it is recommended that you find a light colored wall – preferably white wall. The pocket projector also have a fine-tuning focus wheel to adjust your viewing experience.  There’s also a USB port and USB cable included to let you charge the battery of your pocket projector. You can just plug it into your computer to let it charge. More about that battery included with the portable pocket projector, you can even charge your own iPhone with this portable pocket projector. You just need to dock your iPhone on the fully-charged projector and just switch the power on and that’s it! You will iPhone 4 will start on charging.

For more information about this portable pocket projector for iPhone 4 or if you are interested to buy one for yourself, just go and hit the link above.

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  1. I had an iPhone 4 those days and If I had known this gadget, I would definitely have biught it. I guess there will also be now such a thing for the IPhone 7, will have a look at it. Anyway thanks for this great tip! Grtz., Robert


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