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The Top Most Great Travel Apps For iPad

Cox communications is one of the most famous communications companies that support networking across America. According to statistics eight apps have become the most successful travel apps for the iPad. That’s because iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have become the latest globe-totter device. As people travel across states, they need access to the internet. These ten apps include:

1. TripIt

This is known as Triplt Travel Organizer. It is easy to use, as it links to email accounts to pickup confirmations that are lying in your inbox. You won’t have to forage through printed documents once you install Triplt. Not just flight numbers, this application also tracks reservations for dinner and hotel accommodations. The confirmation is directly entered into an organized itinerary ready for your use. Likewise, missed or delayed flights will also be documented automatically. This makes keeping up with a scheduled life easier. The best part about this app is that it come free of cost, and is compatible with iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch. It does require iOS 3.0 and newer versions.


2. Photosynth

The latest devices come with inbuilt cameras. We all take snap shots wherever we are, whether it is during a flight or on land. Photosynth Interactive Panorama Capture and Share app allows you to make the most out of your camera. It has the unique capability to “Stitch” images. You can use this technique to share a 360o view of your location with loved ones while travelling. This application is also absolutely free and easy to use. However, it has certain requirements that should be fulfilled. These include Compatibility with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPad 2 Wifi + 3G. It also required iOS 4.0 or newer versions when necessary depending on the iPhone model. Cox communications offers options for its customers when necessary.


3. The North Face – Trailhead

North Face Trailhead app is the most recommended for outdoor activities. If you are a traveler, this app has to be installed on your device. It picks up your current location through and helps determine bike routes and hiking trails. If you use Cox communications, you will enjoy using this app as you travel across the US. It also has the capability to locate outdoor events taking place around your location. It will also tell your track speed, route, elevation, weather conditions and other details. Like other apps mentioned so far, this one is also absolutely free. The basic requirements include: iPhone, iPad, iPod with iOS 4.0 and newer versions.

The North Face Trailhead

4. EveryTrail

This is a GPS application which provides users with a detailed map. It is easy to use and shows details like the street name, audio guides, elevation, average speed and duration of the journey. It is also absolutely free and can be obtained through Cox communications. Its basic requirement is iPhone, iPad and iPod. It operates on iOS 3.1 and newer versions.


5. Urbanspoon

If you are an explorer in new foods and restaurants, Urbanspoon is the app you must have. It uses GPS to locate closest restaurants within your neighborhood. You can also get information about those in Canada, Ausralia, U.K and U.S. It is also available for free and can be obtained through Cox communications. Minimum requirement for it to work on iPhone, iPad and iPod is iOS 3.0 and newer versions.


A similar option to Urbanspoon is the OpenTable. It also tracks international and urban restaurants with complete details. You can also check reservations and reviews before landing at the venue.

6. Kayak

This is the easiest means of finding flights, car rentals, hotels and travel details. Kayak is an application famous for being Apple’s iPhone travel application. As long as you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod you can use this. It is available absolutely free. For more details you can check Cox communications.


7. Instagram

This is an app that works like Photoshop. It converts photos into work arts and brings professionalism into them. You can share pictures on social media networks through your iPhone, iPod or iPad using this application. It requires the iOS 3.1.2 or newer versions.


8. FlightAware

This is also an app for tracking flights. It provides users with flight numbers and updates on cancellations, delays and gate changes. It is also free and had a minimum requirement of iOS 4.1 and newer versions.


These are the best eight travel apps for iPad users subscribed with Cox communications.

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